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About us

There aren't many left:

Real textile companies that still produce their own fabrics. Yes, even in Germany. In fact, especially there.

IBENA Textilwerke GmbH. We are a medium-sized family business in its sixth generation. Our core values are consistency, quality, and reliability. We started in 1826 by weaving sophisticated and equally fashionable home textiles, which we continue to do to this day with great enthusiasm. We believe our lifestyle and bed blankets to be the coziest available. Even today, they are developed, designed, and manufactured with love and a great deal of hand-crafting by actual people in our manufactory. The same goes for bed linen and other accessories for around the bed.

We also apply state-of-the-art technology in our efficient and modern methods for the production of innovative technical textiles. We develop and manufacture, for example, high-performance protective fabrics for firefighter suits, attractive and durable seat upholstery fabrics for automobiles, as well as fabrics with a variety of finishes in widths of up to 10 meters for modern stage and event technology.

Our business philosophy, based on a foundation of sustainability and longevity, combined with our varied and multifaceted products and our locations in the heart of West Münsterland, the US, and Asia, make us a globally successful company. Our focus is on the future: the training and further education of our employees, our highest priority.