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Products from VITA


You loose approximately 1,5 to 3 Liters of water every night. Fluids, which are mainly discharged through transpiration during sleep, end up in your mattress. The consequence: stains, bacterial growth and the development of unpleasant odour which lead to a reduced lifespan of your mattress. You can prevent this problem by using an IBENA VITA mattress topper.

But also incontinence is a growing problem. Studies have proven that every second man suffers from incontinence symptoms from the age of 50. Nevwertheless, the danger of incontinence not only starts with increasing age. Especially during pregnancy, midwives recommend incontinence draw sheets for protectiong the bed against wetness. IBENA VITA incontinence programme offers a comprehensive range of products for the most different complaints of incontinence and accompanies you reliably.